Education Committee

Provide quality education courses, seminars and informational programs improving professionalism in the real estate community.

Plans all CPM® and ARM® course offerings, the annual Forecast Breakfast and the spring and fall seminars. Responsible for review and approval of all scholarship applications. Meets regularly, approximately 10 times per year.

Membership Committee

Retain, serve, and enhance our existing membership. Identify and recruit potential new members.

Plans the monthly program luncheons, property tours and social events, including the annual installation and holiday party. Oversees the CPM® Candidate mentoring program as well as Candidate guidance functions. Facilitates the new member welcome program and oversees the annual membership recruitment goals. Responsible for approval of all new CPM®, ARM® and ACoM® members upon completion of their course and experience requirements. The ARM® and Golf Committee both report to the Membership Committee. Meets regularly – approximately 10 meetings per year.

Community Affairs Committee

Offer a range of activities during the year allowing members the opportunity to become more actively involved in community building functions.

Plans our community affairs activities including the Rebuilding Together project in May and the Ranch workday in September. Recommends new community projects to the board for approval. Committee chair serves on the REACH board and reports REACH activities to the Executive Council. Supports the chapter’s minority outreach programs, including support of Marquette University’sACRE program. Meets infrequently – approximately 3-5 meetings per year.

PR/Marketing Committee

Foster communication within the chapter membership and to the community. Promote the professional image of IREM®. 

Provides regular communication and feedback to media contacts throughout the community. Reviews all chapter newsletter features, brochures and mailings. Responsible for website review and recommendations. Works with staff to ensure regular press releases are sent. Promotes our industry to attract younger and more ethnically diverse talent through career fairs and chapter-sponsored events. Meets regularly – approximately 8 meetings per year.

Public/Government Affairs Committee

Identify and address the concerns and issues affecting the real estate industry on a local, state, and national level.

Monitors municipal, state and federal legislation affecting our industry. Interviews candidates running for office. Submits monthly newsletter articles on legislative issues. Regularly communicates with local and national IREM® staff to ensure all legislative objectives are covered. Committee does not have regular meetings – activities are conducted through conference calls and email.

ARM® (Accredited Residential Manager) Committee

Sub Committee of Membership 

Responsible to plan two residential-focused program meetings or seminars; one in the spring and one in the fall. Hosts the end of summer after-hours event in August. The committee will work to ensure more member participation from the ARM® members through regular communication and topical program events. Committee meets approximately 6 times per year.

Golf Committee

Sub Committee of Membership

Responsible for securing the location, sponsors, food and programming for the annual golf outing in June. Develops the marketing materials for the event as well as the program brochure for the day of the outing. Meets once per month from February through June plus one follow-up meeting subsequent to the event.